Can RADEON R6870 do HD video editing and gaming


I'm building a video&photo editing machine and am still learning all the interactions between hardware.

First priority is HD video editing, photo editing, gaming. Will RADEON R6870 work? Does graphics card play a role in video editing at all?

I want to go i7 processor, don't know which one yet. The computer shop recommended a Z68 motherboard.
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  1. yes that card is good for video editing,photo editing and gaming on the resolution of 1080p with high settings.:)
  2. Nice quick answer - thanks! Will you consider it the best option? Can I do better? Or perhaps overkill?
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    yes it is the best option for price/performance.:)

    no need to go over that card it will clear up your needs.:)

    its not an overkill but its an good gpu for all that things that you wanna do.:)
  4. Thanks guys, card bought!
  5. ok be happy with that card good luck.:)
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