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Would the t Corsair H80 fit well in the back or on the side (Side panel) the Antec DF-85? Thanks for anything. I could even go for an H60.
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  1. The main reason I'm going for this simplistic water cooler is because I don't feel like putting one together. 1. Too much money, for me, to put a whole water cooling rig together (GPU's and CPU) and 2. I hear you don't have to change this preassembled water cooler, well all preassembled water coolers.
    I say water coolers instead of liquid cooling, I don't know why. Just hasn't caught onto me. I could easily go with a normal fan and heatsink cooler if anyone recommends one.
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    Why don't you just invest in a NH-D14? Or one of those Phantek PH-TC14CS? They're around the same price as the H80 and will perform much better.
  3. +1^ you wont also have the fear of leaking or pump noise or that annoying (to me) air flowing through the radiator noise :lol:
  4. Oh goodness, I've tried out an H100 in the past, seems like the pump starts clicking if your PSU's 12v rail provides anything slightly over 12v... :lol: (12.28v on my PSU)
  5. Thanks guys. :D I'll definently try to invest in one of this in one of the upcoming seasons. My current CPU cooler is a little $20 Zalman cooler... Totally sucks. It's louder than my standard 7.2k RPM HDD and my dual GPU's. Even when the gpu's run up to about 50%. They're 6950's so they are pretty loud so that says something.
  6. :lol: Wow, that must get on your nerves.

    You won't be disappointed with any of our recommendations ;)
  7. I surely hope not. :) They look really wicked (The recommended coolers) Checking them out right now. ;)
  8. How do you guys think the Noctua NH-D14 does with Ram? It's a pretty bulky CPU Cooler and I'm worried my ram won't fit. I can send you guys the link of my ram and mobo if required.
  9. What model is your RAM? As much as I know, as long as you aren't using something ridiculous such as those Corsair Vengeance modules, you won't have too much of a hassle installing the said CPU coolers.
  10. My ram. Quite small inside of the case other then them little things on the ends.
  11. I can see that I obviously won't have a problem fitting ram in underneath the Phanteks PH-TC14CS Cooler so. Just wanted to make it clear on how well the Noctua would fit.
  12. Anyone know the exact purpose of the extending fins on those ripjaws/vengeance?
  13. Oh, you won't have any issues at all with those sticks :)

    100% nothing to worry about!
  14. Those ram modules seem fine, no heatsink fins extending upwards which I view kind of pointless :lol:
  15. Thanks man. I really appreciate it!
  16. Maybe for extra heat disapation. They could extend up and run the head through there then any other fans or something that cools could blow off a little heat.
  17. Supposedly they're supposed to cool the RAM modules better, but I think they're more there for looks more than anything :lol:

    As long as you have decent airflow in your case, I just can't see your RAM modules burning up (as long as you have SOME sort of heatsink on them). I can understand the Dominator Platinums, however, since those can go up to some insane frequencies (2800Mhz...)
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