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Antec ea 500d and gtx 570

From what I've read on the specifications for a GTX 570, it says it requires a 550W and 38A 12v rails. My current antec 500w unit has 2 12v rails each rated at 22a. Would that be able to safely run the card?
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    minimum power requirments for gtx 570 is 35a on 12v rail you should be fine with it.

    it needs 2x6 pin pcie connector you have 1x6pin pcie connector and one 1x6+2 pin connector so you are good to go.:)

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  3. For ur sake. Each 12V supplies 22A so in total I think u have 44A. Correctme. I have a Premium PSU 500W 12V @ 22A only 1x6Pin. Im planning to buy GTX570 for Cuda GPGPU instead of a gtx660. Will my PSU be sufficient if I add a Molex Converter to add the extra 6-Pin
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