Upgrading HD 5850, need input.


Current computer specs:
Gateway FX 6831-03

Intel Core i7 860
x4 4GB DDR3 1333MHz (16GB total)
Gateway motherboard with Intel H57 Express Chipset
ATI Radeon HD 5850
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB 7200RPM
FSF Group 750W Power Supply (model fsp750-80apg)

Im currently considering the GTX 670 or the HD 7870 as an upgrade, however I'm unsure on whether my computers PSU would be able to handle it or whether my computer specs bottleneck either of these cards? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    the hd 7870 is good card but wait for gtx 670 and see what advantage can that card give to you.

    you need to overclock your cpu to make an your gpu to work with full power with no bottlenecking effect.

    your psu will handle that card.:)
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  3. thanks for the vote good luck for your upgrade.:)

    make sure that you have 2x 6pin pcie connector
  4. pcie connector look like this

  5. i would go for the 7870, only because i don't trust the power consumption of nvidia cards anymore.
    Except that, your cpu will be the bottleneck no matter what card you will buy .
    I had i7 920 overclocked at 4ghz with my ati 5870 and when i upgraded to i5 2500k because of motherboard failure i had a huge increase in fps avg and minimum.

    Maybe you should give these 300bucks for z68 motherboard and i5? (With z68 chipset motherboard you will use the same ram you have and you will have the ability to insert later on even the ivy bridge cpus).

    I guarantee you, i run, for example crysis2 with dx11 patch and high res textures and latest patch at 1920x1200 all details! full with no lag or low fps. (above 30). This never happened with i7 920 at 4ghz. And you don't have to buy i5 2500k (although with a good cooling system you can go up to 4.5ghz..). even the new i5 35xx are awesome and nicely priced
  6. op no need to upgrade anything all of them are fine no need to worry just overclock your cpu to avoid bottlencek and nothing.:)
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