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Hello,I'm trying to figure out which type of Pentium processor to buy for cheap, only because i think it's almost the same performance as an i3 i just don't have the money to put 120+ on a CPU. here are my pentium cpu choices that i like. i will post my comp specs as well





G630, or G630T,


please stay on topic here with the Pentium series here.


Biostar TZ68A+ LGA1155 Motherboard,

EVGA GTX 550 TI 1gb,

1 TB Hard drive,

Coolmax 650 PSU.
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    Pentium G870 would be my choice. Since these CPU's don't offer any Turbo features and also have a locked multiplier, you want as high of a frequency you can get.


    I change my mind to the G850; it's $20 cheaper than the G870 and it's only clocked 200Mhz lower. G850>G870 value wise.
  2. Ok, well keep in note i'm trying to replace my console for cheap.
  3. :lol: No better option than a Pentium (IMO) for a very budget-gaming rig :)
  4. Do you think it would bottle neck my 550 ti?
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  6. I don't think it will considering I have a rig thats got an E5300 (at 3.0ghz) that only just bottlenecks a 7770, I'm sure one the new new pentiums will be fine.
  7. No, it won't bottleneck :) Even if you do, you're talking numbers you won't even notice. Nothing to worry about!
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