Electric Heater causing computer to stutter?

So we added an electric heater to our living room and ever since then everytime the heater kicks on it will cause a popping sound in my headphones and my computer seems to minifreeze for 2-3 seconds

I have no idea why its happening, the heater is in the living room and the computer in the bedroom, computer is plugged into a surge protector while heater plugged directly into wall

any suggestions to fix this? I am afraid if left alone it will damage my PSU/components
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  1. Hi,

    I can't answer this question directly but I'll give you an insight into my experience with a similar problem.

    I get the exact same sort of response from a fridge, the Husky beer branded ones. In short I've had it for years and its caused no damage as far as I can tell, however every now and then when it kicks in (the fridge seems to stop and start on a cycle for whatever reason) my mouse seems to loose power and I have to unplug and replug it into the USB port. That seems to have stopped now that I've moved house maybe I didnt have my PC on a surge protector before but, I also get some weird behavior on my TV when it happens too.

    Im not saying don't worry about it, but I've been alright so far. Take from that what you will.
  2. Hey guys update I figured out that the wall in the living room is aligned to the same circuit as the bedroom, i moved the heater to another wall in the living room that according to the fusebox is aligned with my utility room and it seems to have stopped the surging in the bedroom
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