Buzzing noise FAULTY Q8200S

I have a Dell inspiron 545s


Intel Q8200S 2.33GHZ
250 watt psu ( shitty i know)

It starte making weird buzzing/ humming noises when ever i click the mouse or use the pc

I checked all the capacitors but they were all fine, including the PSU

I replaced the Cpu now it has a Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHZ and the buzzing has stopped

What could the issue be?

I am a pretty technological person, i clean all my pcs on a regular basis and i still have my pcs from 1995 still up and running


It was a defective Q8200S, the noise was comming from the cpu, when you hit print it would take 5 minutes for the printer to actually print. With the E4600 i felt the system was much faster and when you click print it would be instantaneous. My first defective cpu !!!
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  1. I'm guessing it was the CPU cooler.
  2. HW monitor shows the E4600 @ 45C but heatsink is cool and fan is at 550RPM only, HS uses screws and its firm along with the paste. the Q8200S was 39C+ on all cores
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