When in SLI do I manually have to down clock one card to match?

Hey guys,

I've got two 560ti's in SLI. My Zotac AMP! Edition is clocked at 950Mhz and my MSI Twin Frozr II is clocked at 880Mhz. I have the MSI card as my primary because I didn't want the already toasty Zoctac to take in a little more heat from the MSI card. Now, do I have to down clock the Zotac to 880Mhz to match the other or does SLI do this automatically for the slower GPU? I've been runing SLI for a couple of days now and everything seems fine but MSI Afterburner indicates that the Zotac card is still at 950Mhz?

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  1. I'm pretty sure that the drivers would downclock automatically to the lowest value. ie 880MHz.

    If you have no issues then I would just let them be.

    If you wanted a little more performance then you could overclock to 950MHz.
  2. Yes the Zotac card will automatically run at the speed of the lower clocked MSI card to match it , so it will run without any problems.
    You may tho overclock the cards together using MSI Afterburner but make sure they sync clocks when you are doing so to match each other again.
  3. You can certainly run them with different clock speeds, but it is not ideal. When I had a similar setup I linked them via settings in MSI Afterburner on the 'General' tab. In my case the two cards were only about 20-30Mhz apart so I just overclocked them both to around 900-915Mhz. It is probably recommended that you synchronize them.
  4. Nice, thanks for the replies. For an 80Mhz incease for OC of the MSI card do you think I would have to increase voltages?

  5. 70Mhz*
  6. Try different frequencies and voltages and test them out each time with Kombuster to see if its stable , will take you some time to find the sweet spot you are happy with.
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