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I've been researching about the PSU requirements of the HD 7770, but I don't know which PSU wattage to go with.
Sapphire HD 7770 (Planning to buy this card)

I have this options: Sesonic S12II 430 watts
Pc Power and Cooling Silencer MkII 400 watts
Seasonic M12II 520 watts

It says "minimum 450 watts PSU" But the Seasonic 430 watts and the Pc P&C Silencer 400 watts can make it?

These PSU's can handle a 7770 or should I go with something more expensive?
(Low on budget, but I'm looking for a quality PSU at a "Low" price)
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  1. 400 something watts is enough for a 7770. Providing the 400~ish PSU actually is capable of giving out a constant 400W.

    I've heard people say seasonic is a good PSU manufacturer. I'd go with the 520 watts because it is modular. Just $10 more since it's on sale.
  2. Really, any good branded PSU that has a 6 pin will work.

    Considering 300w is enough for a 7750, a 7770 probably needs just a tiny bit more, around 20 watts more.
  3. card manufacturers over estimate PSU requirements. what is the more important aspect is what amperage is on the 12 volt rail, that is what supplies the power to your important components such as the cpu, graphics and the HD motors.

    generally with a single 6 pin power connection on the graphics card; a PSU that provides at least 24 amps on the 12 volt rail is fine.

    it look like any of those are fine.
  4. Well that's great, but the HDD's, motherboard and CPU and other minor hardware doesn't draw too much power?
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    jrayx said:
    Well that's great, but the HDD's, motherboard and CPU and other minor hardware doesn't draw too much power?

    components such as RAM, motherboard chipset and the logic for hard drives get their power from the 3.3 and 5 volt rails. the chipset is 8 watts for intel and up to 15 watts for AMD. ddr3 RAM is 4 watts a stick and logic boards on the hard drives is a few watts.

    the main components are the graphics card, cpu, hard drive motors and fans on the 12 volt rail.
    gpu: that 7770 upto 100 watts
    cpu: upto 100 watts for a sandy/ivy and up to 150 watts for an AMD/sandy bridge-E ( overestimated with overcloking in mind)
    fans: 3-5 watt each.
    HD motor: 10 watts spinning up @ boot and 7 watts read/write

    so a 24 amp 12 volt rail @ 288 watts will cover most anything with a 7770 card.
  6. 400w or more is all you need.
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