Ram upgrade for pc

Im gonna upgrade my pc abit so i was planning to buy the

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, Socket-1155 motherboard

Intel® Core i5-3570K Processor

Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 16GB CL9 RAM

CM Storm Trooper Gaming Big Tower

But i have this cooler that i havent used yet , H50 and i was just wondering if those things will fit together without any problems.

I read about coolers not fitting with ram heatsink and stuff so if i buy the "low" version of the ram will it fit with the cooler ?
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  1. Well if you are using the H50 you should have no problem using the vengeance. That becomes an issue when you use air coolers with wide and tall heatsinks, the heatsinks on the ram don't allow the heatsink to fit. Since you have a H50 the pump is really small and just covers the CPU, doesn't really extend towards the ram.

    Edit: is this going to be a gaming computer only? If so I don't think you need 16gb of ram, 8 gb will do just fine. If this will be used for rendering and other stuff then ignore what I said.
  2. Thanks man !! for a nice and informative reply :D ! i never built a system myself so i have tons to learn but thats great to know tho. So the rest of the upgrades will fit nice together ?
  3. Yep should work just fine, but before you close this thread let's wait a bit and see if we get any other input from others. You could also consider upgrading your video card with the money you save from the ram.
  4. Its gonna be mostly for gaming yeah unless i work in some programs like cubase but mostly for gaming. It really confuses me wich ram would be best for me tho cause there is so much to chose from, but i would like to be able to overclock processor and ram maybe if i can. I currently got gtx 480 for grpahics card but i think i wanna wait for next nvidia series to come out.

    I would like the best performance for the buck i can get with that processor and ram tho
  5. Your processor is very good and so is the 8 gb of ram. I would recommend the Corsair Vengeance (1600mhz low profile edition).

  6. Thx alot i just bought the Vengeance 8 gb :)) Really appreciate the help here.
  7. No problemo, if you did order that from newegg did you make sure to put the promo code? That's $6 off which is a lot to me :lol:
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