BSOD Twice now, whats the problem ? :/

Okay i got a BSOD before when i was closing a tab in chrome and i ddint pay much attention to it.
Now after like 5 hours of intensive gaming i closed the game and started surfing the internet, i found a good stream on and started watching it, after like 10minutes of watching my sound froze and i got a bsod again.

Heres the pic:

What could be the problem ?
My temperatures during gaming went to 33 max.

My specs are
FX-8120 @ 4.0ghz @ 1.325v cooled by hyper 212 evo
Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3
2x4gb corsair vengeance ram
gtx 560 asus directcu ii top
corsair gs600
corsair force gt 90gb ssd (windows + games)
wd 5400rpm 320gb hdd (data)

Could it be, that i disabled all my fan control from bios ? Or what does that error mean ?
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  1. I would download a program called Memtest86+, and run it for your RAM one stick at a time for several hours. If any errors come back, then you have a bad stick of RAM. If that is good, then I would take your overclock down to stock settings, see if that fixes the problem. If so, then you know its instability due to overclocking.

    If all is still well, move on to the GPU and also run a diagnostic on the HDD. Eventually, you'll narrow it down. Or, it could just be windows being windows.
  2. I left my PC running yesterday overnight to install Arma 2 overnight on steam.
    When i woke up the pc was frozen - pressing numlock or capslock did nothing (the lights didnt blink)
  3. also, when my pc is at idle, my cpu temp is at 20C...
    when i start doing prime95 my cpu temp just builds up.. it jumps up to 50 and then climbs slowly up to 75 and just doesent stop ever... whats wrong ?
  4. any suggestions ? im kinda worried here..
    do i need better airflow in my case ? i only have 1 fan and its a rear-top exhaust near cpu
  5. Just got a bsod when i was watching youtube video on chrome, the bsod was 0x000000124

    Anyone ? Please ?
  6. Did you do what Phyco said?
  7. ram doesent have errors, i clocked the cpu and ram to default, but how do i check gpu and hdd ?

    also, here is the minidump from the most recent bsod:
  8. Try running on integrated graphics to eliminate the gpu. You can try to install windows on the hdd and see if the errors still happen. Or see if corsair has a diagnostic tool on their website to check for errors.
  9. i reinstalled graphics drivers and seeing if that fixes it.
    any other suggestions ?
  10. just got bsod 0x000003b - was watching a stream with crome from while RIFT was tabbed
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