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Hi guys, I'm new to building pc's so sorry if I don't understand something or use the incorrect terms! I'm thinking of building a new
High performance pc for a wide variety of use. I've done a bit of research and want to know if you guys can see any way of improving this system:

CPU - intel i7-3930k (
Mobo- ASus p9x79 pro (
Gpu - Xfx hd6870 1gb (
Ram - Patriot 16gb 1866mhz (
Hdd - 1tb seagate barracuda (
Ssd - Samsung 830 64gb (
Psu - corsair 850w (
Case - zalmon z9 plus (

There are a few things I'm uncertain about - such as will I need a different fan to the stock for the CPU, I wasn't planning on overclocking but this CPU is a 'k' version so I may do. Next is the HDD, I'm not sure if this is A good HDD or not, there are newer ones but I hear there are problems about 'squeaking'.

I am also considering another build using similar components but with an i7-3770 and a different mobo for financial reasons.
If this system needs significant changes I'll probably go with the 3770.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me if all the components will work together properly!

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  1. Few questions:
    What are you going to do your with computer? You got an extremely high end cpu, tons of ram, and a mid-range gpu. For the typical user, I would recommend at most an i5-3570k, 8gb ram.

    Are you going to get a second graphics card? If not, you don't need 850watts psu
  2. I agree with chairman ray as u have very high ram mentioned @16gb which is an overkill for gaming or medium graphic or cad purpose unless u intend to do a lot of graphics and animation work which need extra ram , same goes for CPU as i7 is an overkill.

    If the requirement is not that high i suggest the following changes

    CPU-i5 2500k or 3730k
    Ram- 8GB
    PSU - 650W
  3. I'm planning on using the pc for CAD and some simulation software, all of which can be run on the i5's but I thought its be better/quicker with an i7. as for the ram, I found it to be only £40 for an upgrade from 8gb to 16gb so I though 'hey, why not!'. As for the CPU being a top end 6 core, I initially was going to get the new ivy bridge i7-3770k then I saw this 3930k which costs another £135 for an extra 2 cores. Im not sure if that will be too per the top and if a quad is good enough, but I would like to keep my build for the next 5-8 years with no problems.
    The gpu I picked as I had read it is very good. I have a question, would 2 hd6870's provide better graphics than the single ASus 7850?

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Also, i wanted to know if i would need a different cpu fan from the original intel supplied one

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