How to know if my vga has any solution/hopes?

Hi, id like to know some advices about possible things i could do with my new vga gtx680 before sits in a corner and start crying.
The thing was that i upgraded my system by buying a new mobo proccesor and vga and some cleaning on my water loop(just the cpu), when everything was set and tested for any leak, i powered on my pc a leak happened maybe due to pressure of bomb or something but i was sure it was leak proof.
Anyways, when i saw the drops going out to the tube i shutted down my pc but some drops felt over my vga, making the card start working fast (fans spinning like at 100%) and then after some secs losing video on my monitor and never going back unless i shut down and repeat the same process.
Do you think i have any hope with my card since im still able to see images at least for some secs? Any possible fix? Ty in advance guys because i need your knowledge now
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  1. If you spill liquid on to the video card then you have to make sure it's completly dry before powering it up. If the card has a back plate then take it off and with a soft cloth pat the board untill all liquid is removed . Another way is to blow off the liquid with qan air hose or can air. Hopefully you used nonconductive fluid in the loop but with the fans spinning up like you described I don't know if you did.
    Most importantly don't run the card unless the liquid is completely removed. Any thing you attempt to remove liquid should be done with the card removed from the slot on the motherboard.
    Next time you are doing anything like that always put a cloth or paper towel over the card and where you have made an adjustment to the loop for this very reason.
  2. Also when you have a water cooling loop it's a good practice to run the pump for the loop without the computer on to test for leaks. The way to do that is to actually do the paper clip test by taking the motherboard connector and inserting a paper clip into the fourth and sixth holes on the end of the connector. If you look at thses pictures then you can see how to do it.
  3. Ya i think i was too confident since my first attemp for watercooling was successful besides i used non conductive coolant, i guess i just all the warnings never are enough when watercooling.
    Ive read that many ppl fix their broken cards by heating it in the oven for some secs, i guess if the cleaning and drying doesnt work that would be my last option because i doubt evga would make valid warranty
  4. If you can remove any trace of the liquid I would definetly try an RMA if you are having problems with the card , I just wouldn't tell them you spilled liquid on it. I accidently shorted a card from Evga once and it was totally my fault and did an RMA. I would not put the card in the oven but I would make every effort to remove the liquid, a soft cloth with some Isopropl alccahol will help as that will help to dry the liquid , just put a little on a cloth and dab the place the liquid made contact. I believe the can air or air hose would be the best way. I have water cooling and have also gotten a few drops on my video card and used an air hose to blow off the liquid but the computer was not on and I use the method I listed in the previous post where the power supply is turned on without the main power connector in the motherboard socket.
    If after all your efforts you have problems with the card you should try and do an RMA with Evga and just describe the issue and not how it got that way.
  5. Ty for your help guys much appreciated, im going to check what can i do with my card
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