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Budget case for work PC

Hi, building a new machine for my new job where I will be doing some CAD work. Just down to choice of case now
Build is i7 3770, Asrock B75Pro3 board, GTX650 GPU and Corsair 500w PSU.

For the case I'm looking for USB3, some level of cable management and reasonable cooling. Options include (note A$):

Antec 300 two $77

Corsair 200R $89 (stretching budget a bit)

NXZT Source 210 $57

Bitfenix Shinobi $69

Sharkoon T28 $65

or maybe a Coolmaster option?
K280 $55
K350 $59
K380 $59

Which case do ppl recommend or have experience with?
Also, would I need any additional fans? (would use Nexus real silent 120mm)
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    The Sharkoon T28 seems to be a popular choice in AU people from what I've seen. Looking at it, it seems to have decent cable management too.

    Antec 302 is a great budget case. It's what I usually personally suggest on the New Build section on these forums. The 2 fans should be enough for your cooling needs, there are cable routing holes, and x2 USB 3.0. Your motherboard needs to have a 3.0 header though.
  2. Thanks for the response. 302 does look good, it made my short list along with 200R, and T28. Then I saw Antec One for $65. Decided T28 too bright for office when trying to look professional in front of suppliers, 200R to expensive (more $ to GPU).

    So choice of One or 302, very similar so went Antec One.

    Rest of build is i7, Asrock B75m Pro3, 16gb ARES ram, 830 SSD, Antec 550w PSU and GTX 650 2gb. No room in budget for quadro :(
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