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I'm planning on building a gaming pc in about a month or so, and i'm wondering which would be better for current performance, i could care less that the i3's socket allows for a upgrade without a new mobo to an i5/i7, i'm wondering which is the best for performance now, rather than in the future with an upgrade. My budget is set at 500-600 and i'm looking at an i3 dual core for around $130 (i3 560, or 2100) and an amd quad core for around $130 (AMD FX 4170, or phenom II X4 965 black). So, which would be the best for performance right now?
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  1. Go for the FX 4300. It is around the same price as the others and offers better performance, though you might save money on the intel if you got a cheap board.
  2. If this is strictly a gaming PC, the i3 will probably be a better choice due to its greater IPC and Hyper Threaded cores. Paired with a fast graphic card, the i3s usually out-bench the PhII X4s. But if your PhII X4 965BE is O/C'd to around 4GHZ and you have apps that require 4 real cores, the Phenom II would be the better choice and would be about equal in gaming then to the i3s..
  3. The FX 4300 and i3 3220 are neck and neck in most apps.
  4. ^+1.
    I believe the 4300 actually would be a better choice right now. It performs right on par with the i3 on games, and has 2 modules/4 cores which would be better for multithreaded apps.

    In this benchmark, it even outperforms the i3 on Skyrim and Diablo 3.

    It's also worth noting that for $10 more, you can get the FX-6300 that has slightly better performance in gaming, but has 3 modules/6 cores.
  5. AMD is for budget computers like in this case. I'm not saying the i3 would be a bad choice I'm saying the AMD FX (try to get the 6 core for not much more) would be better overall. I know this because I have a 8120.
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