Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 Video Card + Diablo 3 = ???

Hello. I was examining my options for how to get Diablo 3 to play on an outdated computer, and I found this.

My computer is an emachine T6520. The hard drive has been replaced with a 250 GB model, everything else should be the same and the OS is Windows XP.

Now my questions are:

Is this video card compatible with my system, particularly the motherboard and power supply?
Is this video card compatible with Diablo 3, and how well would it work with it?
Are there any other problems I should be aware of, such as needing to upgrade my RAM in order to play the game?

If that video card isn't any good, are there other cheap ones that would work with my system?
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    Well that motherboard have a x16 pci slot so it should work with any graphics card out there... but that is not the problem, the cpu is very weak, and that gpu you are wanting is also very bad (for gaming), i think that diablo 3 will only run at very low settings with that computer (or will not even run). i would say that a full computer upgrade would be awesome. but if you really can't do that right now, you could buy the gpu first, and later the rest of it since it should work on any mobo with pci-e x16 slot.

    for diablo 3 i really would go minimum with something like this:

    it will work in your mobo, but probably your CPU will be a huge bottleneck for any game out there, so consider upgrading everything.
    EDIT:also you will probably need a more powerfull PSU.
  2. That video card isn't a good gaming card? I'm guessing based on your response the good gaming cards are 90 dollars and up?

    As much as I'd really like to get something much better than the computer I have unless I mysteriously receive a thousand dollars it's not going to happen right now.

    If the game doesn't run on high graphical settings or with a bunch of programs in the background I don't care. If I get a blackscreen instead of graphics I care, since I can already do that with my card that technically isn't supported at all by bypassing the video card check (which does work for some people... not me though). If it runs but is at 5-10 FPS or something I care because while that's an improvement it's not enough of an improvement.

    PSU = Power supply? That video card would work with the current power supply right, or is that no good either?
  3. yes to play recent games at low graphics with decent framerate i think that a gpu minimum price is U$ 60.

    About the PSU i'm not so sure about what PSU you have there but probably it will work with that GPU at stock speeds, just don't try overclocking anything. but changing psu would be a safe step.

    here is another 6670 cheaper with lower memory speed;
  4. Hm. That one looks a lot better and is still fairly affordable. I take it that one would also work with the current computer?

    The PSU is whichever one came with this model. Actually...


    Well I was going to check that in device manager but I don't see it listed there and am not sure if it even is listed there.

    When a video card says low profile does that refer to size, voltage used, sound, or several different things?

    Edit: I found a power supply calculator on Newegg. If I put in my information there it tells me I should have at least a 250W Power Supply. If I put in the 5450 card instead it still says 250W, but if I put in the 6670 it says 310W. I still can't find where it tells me which one I have though.

    Edit 2: I found a different calculator on another site that's much more comprehensive about what it lets you add. It's telling me minimum 345, recommended 395. And I eventually found that mine is 480. If I sub in the 5450 these numbers actually decrease (?) by 22. If I put in the 6670 they increase by 6 from the first number.

    ...More advanced cards use less voltage? I don't get it.
  5. sometimes yes, new architecture and efficient solutions made some graphics card lower the consume, yes the 6670 recommended psu is 400w, if you have a 400w psu it should work, only if the psu is really bad and can't deliver more than 300W you may run intro trouble, but i think you will be ok if you say you have 480w.
  6. According to the default specs for the T6520 I do. I can't find any software based means of checking that though. Of course I also learned eMachine power supplies are really weak. Not sure what to make of that but I seen a gameplay video on the 5450 and everything seems to work well on mid settings with no framerate drop. He probably has a better PC but I don't care if I have to minimize the graphics, as long as it runs at playable speed.
  7. I was a part of the beta and here's what I found. I had been slowing upgrading my machine for the last 6 months to get ready for D3. When I first got D3 everything was top notch except my video card. Here's my specs:

    Core I5-2500k @ 5ghz (water cooled)
    16gb DDR3 1600mhz Memory
    128 Gb Vertex 3 SSD
    Asus Maximus Extreme IV MB
    Gigabyte HD4580 (1gb; ya my weak link)

    The game wasn't playable with the lowest settings at 1920x1080. I had to drop it to 1680x1050 just to play it with the lowest settings and even then it stuttered in both single and multi-player.

    I finally upgrade the card to the Asus HD7850 (2gb) prior to the end of the beta and it ran at 1920x1080 with every setting maxed, flawlessly. Based on this, I'd say your machine is going to have some issues. Your video card is even slower than the 4850 and the rest of your hardware won't be able to keep up.
  8. 1920x1080? Hah, I wish my monitor supported that. Ironically my new monitor is weaker than my old one. It literally won't go over 1024x768 (yeah, go ahead and laugh). I'd go get my money back but it was free. The old one broke so not like I had a choice.

    Edit: On a different but related subject.

    If I got two of these, would they be compatible with my computer? As far as I can see there's no point in getting > 1 GB per ram stick since XP can't recognize more than 2.6 GB or so and my computer only has two RAM slots from what I've seen so that's the optimal size, at least.

    It looks like the same kind my computer uses, just in 1 GB blocks instead of 512 MB but I could be missing something.

    If it isn't, what would work well around the same price? Sure going from 1 GB to 2 isn't going to let me run on high res with everything on no matter what I do (even if I had a non terrible monitor) but by my estimates it should improve anything RAM related by a factor of 3, since that's about how much more free RAM I'd have in typical use. It's also 42 dollars, which may very well be the answer to everything. :bounce:
  9. Sorry for the double post, but someone brought up what seems like a very serious problem. The ATI Radeon 5450 uses something like 22 amps, but this power supply only supplies 16, and anything stronger would use even more amperage. Not only that but apparently while the motherboard does have a connector for a PCI video card it's first gen which I was told would lead to the same sort of problems as trying to use a video card that requires more amps than the power supply can provide - namely, failed equipment.

    Am I just screwed here?
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  11. AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 830 Processor
    5.9 GB RAM

    Will my pc suit the needs of the radeon hd 5450?
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