New build, making sure its compatable

I am going with this new build, and wanted to make sure my old PSU would work for it.


Corsair 1600 8gb ram

i5-3570k CPU

AMD 7950 GPU

AsRock z77 extreme4 Mobo

I am not worried about power just wanted to make sure it has all the connections I need. But to whom ever goes ahead and asks, I will be slightly OC'ing, and no SLI or Xfire in the future for me.

Here is my old PSU
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  1. It should work :) It seems to be a pretty decent line of PSU's according to JonnyGURU as well -

    I would say you shouldn't worry.
  2. cool tyvm. Ill save some cash and give it a go!
  3. If you're gonna OC, and you're sure that SLI/Crossfire is a no, then you can save yourself ~$50 and get this instead.
  4. ooh i like that price tag. thanks
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