PC not detecting *any* USB devices

The PC's been working fine since it was built back in November. A few days ago, it stopped recognizing any USB devices connected to it. Even in the BIOS, it can't detect any. The USB systems themselves do appear in Windows and as far as I can tell, there's no errors.

I've tried multiple devices and confirmed they work on other systems. In particular, this computer had a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard and a generic Dell mouse connected, no other USB devices. I've tried spraying out the USB ports, thinking there may have been a short, but to no avail.

Relevant specs:
Mobo: MSi P67A-GD65
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k
RAM: 3GB G.Skill DDR3

Edit: I also tried removing the front USB headers in case there was an issue there, to no avail.
Edit2: Also tried a CMOS reset already. No help.
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  1. go to device manager

    find the USB entries

    uninstall the root hubs [ or whatever they are listed as ]

    reboot [ using the power button if you have to ]

    PS just curious .. you are using a usb keyboard and mouse , right?
  2. I'm posting from my own PC, the one in question is actually my brother's. I'm using a PS2 keyboard to interact with it.

    Anyway, I gave that a try (I didn't think it would work as the BIOS wasn't seeing them either), but it didn't work. Thanks for the idea though.

    One other thing I forgot to mention: The mouse's light does come on, so there's power. The keyboard's backlight comes on and immediately turns off. The thumbdrives I've tried do nothing.
  3. did you try to plug the keyboard where you plug the mouse,it could also be your keyboard or it's cable that is defect try this one on another mobo to see if it will be detect and work correctly
  4. I've tried every USB port with both devices, as well as a spare keyboard and mouse and a thumbdrive. I have confirmed on both my own PC and on my tablet that said devices are functional.
  5. do you have any ? mark in the control panel under usb device or controller
  6. No, none.
  7. if you try that saitek keyboard on another computer does the light stay on if yes then you got something defect in those usb port on that motherboard
  8. Yeah, it does. I was hoping it wasn't dead USB ports. It's a bit odd that they'd all just up and die too, even the USB 3.0 ports and the front-panel ports.
  9. Ok well in case you didnt figure it out I had this problem once you have to give permission to your account. Are you admin?
  10. the keyboard work with the other computer then you motherboard got defective usb port,the front one also connect ot the board if it still under warranty try rma
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