680 vs 670 is it worth the extra $100

I had my mind set on the 680 for awhile now but with the release of the 670 I am wondering if I will be just as happy with the 670. From most of the benchmarks I read I see a 1-5 fps difference. I've also read the 680 is 20% more powerful. In terms of longevity of running the upcoming games on max settings, do you think the 670 will hold out about as long as the 680? So my question is the 680 worth the extra $100?
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    I think the 670 is a sweet spot for its performance and price , I would purchase the 670 for 399 and overclock it to match the 680's performance. Its so worth it.
    Put that 100 bucks saved towards a new SSD :)
  2. Alright, that's kinda what I was thinking too. I'm not someone who notices every single little detail either but I can appreciate a good picture.
  3. The performance will be plenty and the image quality will be great, so why not save some money for yourself.
  4. Not to high jack a thread or anything, but would the 680 be worth it, since i will be 3D gaming? or will the 670 do it? I'm looking to max most games, and the most demanding ones on high would be nice.
  5. The 680 is good if you want more performance than the 670 , it might not be a massive jump in performance but if you want a faster card and are happy to spend 100 more than the 670 I say go for it.
    The 670 should do the job well.
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