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Just downloaded Win8 and the task manager has two columns: cpu usage (the default one that everyone knows) and a new one: cycle. According to the tool tip, the cycle it is "the current percent of cpu cycle time". My two questions are: Isn't that the same as cpu usage? and if it is, Why are they off by a couple percent randomly?
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  1. I am not seeing any such thing on my task manager. Its just CPU, and in the app tab there is CPU time.
  2. go to task manager, click more info, then the details tab, then rightclick on a column tab, and click select columns. You will see it there
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    Modern procesors can execute more than one instruction per clock(superscalar) so it might represent:
    CPU -> Instructions executed
    Cycle-> clocks used

    Also different instructions use different amouth of clocks to complete.
    Its just a guess, nothing definitive.
  4. isnt cpu usage cpu time/ elapsed time, not instructions executed?
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