How do I minimize downloads?

Hello, ATT is now charging extra whenever I get get over 150 gb a month...what can I do to minimize the junk that comes onto my computer against my will?
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  2. More than likely, you're not getting "Junk". Someone is probably using P2P and doing a lot of transferring or a computer is compromised and participating in a bot net.

    But really, I have a data meter on my router and I don't break 100GB/month while streaming Netflix, Youtube, Steam patches, WoW updates. I'm a fairly heavy user compared to most of the internet.
  3. Don't send email, send letters. Don't watch youtube, go to a cinema. Don't play online game, play board game.

    There is really nothing you can do but to get more dl limit or constrain yourself on usage.
  4. ...thanks for the suggestions...most of of those I do...what I was concerned about is that my research sometimes forces me to keep 100-300 pages open at a time...many of these have ads, videos, etc that reload continously automatically...I'd just as soon not have to pay for those although I admit I don't know whether they represent a volume of data worth worrying about...turning java off would probably help but many of the pages I need depend on java so I can't do that...
  5. Well I was only joking about sending letter and playing board games. Do you use firefox? get the flash block addon to block flash content. I did't mention it because I thought your usage is due to dl. But if your usage is due to web browsing, flash block and adblock definitely helps by blocking ads and flash content.
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    mgiht be cheaper to get a business connection through them.. no data cap, but i'm not sure about how much more expensive it'll be
  7. ...thanks for the suggestions...I'll look into firefox and a business connection and try to report back what I find...
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  9. ..."kewlx25" turned out to be probably the best choice...same service for 10 additional bucks a month and not have to worry about limits and surcharges...also, it looks like ATT is trying to convince people to switch to their "u-verse" service since the limit if you choose u-verse is 250 gb...I'm still looking at might be worth switching...
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