I have glasses but cant see 3d

my brother and i bought 2 3d glasses(cyan and red). my brother has a 9800gt installed in his pc. he easily enabled stereoscopic 3d from the control panel of NVIDIA and he is playing games in 3D mode. But i have a RADEON HD 6850. i don't know how to enable 3d mode in my desktop. plz help me out. i desperately want to play the 3D games in my pc. plz provide me a solution.
Thanks in advance.......
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  1. With a 6850, you need 3rd party software. Tridef will allow you to see 3D with the cyan and red by using the mode "anaglyph".
  2. is tridef a freeware or do we need to buy license??????
  3. You'd have to buy it for long term use, however, they do offer a trial period if you just want to try it out. It's at least a 1 week maybe up to 1 month long trial.
  4. Thanks for the help mate..... but is there no way i can apply the 3D mode from my Catalyst Control Centre?..... I know m dragging it a bit, but my brother is getting a complete 3D xperience for free with much lower config than mine. You knw it hurts :( we bought the same glasses :(
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    AMD does not handle the 3D software on their end. Your only options are Tridef or iz3d. Both offer a trial period. I have my doubt that you'd want to continue using the cyan and red option for long anyway. Generally the only 3D that people tend to like are either the shutter glass 3D sets or passive polarized monitors (less so).

    If you get a HD3D set, like Samsungs 750 or 950 monitors, it comes with the software, or perhaps you might want to trade in AMD for Nvidia if you feel that's a better way to go (I do).
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  7. Unfortunately AMD doesn't natively support 3d as nVidia does. Tridef is a 30day trial I believe, and it's pretty good software if you can handle making the tweaks required with it. All in all AMD isn't as streamlined in the 3d market, but they have a more open hardware support (as far as monitors being supported) so if you decide to get a real-3d monitor (with flicker glasses) you get a bit more selection at a much cheaper price (you can get an S23A750D 23" 1080p 3d monitor for 350$ if you watch for sales).

    In doing a little research, it seems that iz3d (another 3d driver similar to tridef) actually supplies their anaglyph 3d driver for free. I've never used iz3d (tridef came with my monitor) so I'm not sure about how to use it, but here's the link:

    I think tridef 'may' also have higher quality 3d effects than nVidia, simply because I see alot of nVidia users in their forums, but it maybe just that they don't have the nvidia approved monitors.

    Here's a link to the tridef site, their software costs 50$:
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