[Questions] Upgrading my laptop parts.

Hello everyone, I have just a few questions to ask you. I have currently had my laptop for 2 years, and I'm in need of upgrading the overall RAM, and the HDD:

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15z (1570)
Owned since: December 2010
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium [64 Bit]
RAM: 3gb [1x1gb, 1x2gb]
Harddrive: 500gb [5400 rpm]

Problems I have had:

1) The laptop seems to be getting too hot.
Solution: I used a can of air to blow out the dust, and it seemed to help.

Questions I have to ask:

1) With the laptop being [2] years old, is it worth upgrading the internal components, or just investing in a brand new one?

2) I was wanting to upgrade my RAM, the manual says I can have a Maximum of 8GB RAM, should I go for [2x4GB], or just replace the [1x1GB] with a [1x4GB] and just have 6GB RAM?

3) Would it be a wise decision to buy a 2nd Hard Drive Optical Bay Caddy, and install an SSD running alongside my HDD?

4) If I do end up choosing the HDD/SSD Combination, how hard would it be to install Windows 7 on the SSD, and then replace the Optical Drive, with the Caddy, with HDD inside?

Thanks in advance to whomever answers these questions!
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  1. To questions 1 and 2:

    Upgrading is cheap enough, so might as well as do it.

    I would say just go for a compatible 2x4GB kit. To me, it makes more sense to keep everything same brand, same size, etc. I'm a bit paranoid that by not doing it, it may cause a chance of instability (again though, I'm the paranoid type).
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