Corsair vengeance 1500 vs 2000 gaming headset

is the corsair vengeance 2000 worth the extra over the 1500 for mic and sound quality and comfort ?
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  1. got the 1500s an there spot on. was going to get the 200s an ready that the 7.1 is messed up an doesnt always work. when i first fired up battlfield i thought holly ***.
    also heard some people have had the senheisser 350s an went to the 1500s an found they like them better. im no audiophile so i cant be sure of that.
  2. Well, I will say I wasn't terribly impressed with the Senheisser 350, but I do note it requires significant burn in time AND a decent amp the properly drive...

    That being said, my advice is the same as always: Get a decent audiophile headset + clipon mic + some form of virtualized surround (CMSS-3D, Dolby Headphone, etc)
  3. Amen on the virtualized surround sound. I'v heard all sorts of conflicting stories about how it doesn't work,quality is not as good as stereo etc and i must say i wouldnt be able to go without it now. It must sound even better on a decent audiophile headset.
  4. so for a sub 100 dollar headset the corsair 1500 is a good one then?
  5. I've heard good things, but I can't imagine its better then some cheaper audiophile grade gear at the same price point. But as I've never used it, its really just guesswork. is probably the place to ask.
  6. The thing that swayed me also was in a few of the reviews I think 1 may have been from 3d guru, they said with a few eq tweaks they were sounding very close to a pair of akg k701s.
  7. computernoob29 said:
    is the corsair vengeance 2000 worth the extra over the 1500 for mic and sound quality and comfort ?

    I bought the V2000 recently and thought they sounded pretty good. comfort was okay. Really bulky headphones though. I ended up having to return them because the wireless connectivity f'd up within a couple days. Got my money back and used it to buy the V1500. Not as comfortable for people with smaller heads because of the way the ear cups angled (they put pressure under your ear because the ear cup isn't on a swivel) but decent enough.

    Sound quality on the V1500: Now this is my opinion, but the sound quality on the V1500 is great because it is balanced. People rant and rave about Dre Beats because of their over powered bass drivers but in reality they sound terrible for everything other than bass heavy music. These sound great for movies, gaming, and music. The Corsair audio drivers that you can download from their site give you the ability to adjust the EQ to sound how you want. If you want that bass you can have it. If you want clear balanced sound for gaming you can have it.

    I have no complaints about the mic. Condenser does a good job of blocking out background noise, e.g. computer fans, keyboard clicking

    Over all, there is only a 10-20 dollar difference between the 1500 and the 2000. I liked the 2000 because it was wireless anb a bit more comfortable (despite being ridiculously bulky). If you don't mind the occasional headache dealing with connection problems then go for it. Otherwise, the V1500 is a great quality headset for >$100. I thought it was worth the buy
  8. Also heard theres new drivers out for the 2000s in feb some time to correct the 7.1 issue. Now iv had the 1500s a while now the big kid in me is thinking what if an im eying up a pair of sennheiser hd598s to see what im missing.
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