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Sempron 145 Help

Hello, so I will have to buy this processor in order to FLASH my BIOS to support my Vishera chip. I was wondering if the 1600mhz ram I had purchased would work with the Sempron 145. Like would it automatically downclock?. And also once I flashed the BIOS and put the Vishera chip back in would the RAM speeds go back up to 1600mhz or would I have to put them back manually?. and if so How?

System Spec:
FX 6300, Sempron 145 for flashing
MSI 990XA-gd55=mobo
GB 7870 OC
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz.
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    It depends on if the FSB of the cpu, and the memory are in sync.
    Say the FSB of the cpu is say 800Mhz then it may be the case that the system will try to lower the speed of the memory to keep it in sync with the FSB of the cpu.
    You will not know till you try it and look in the bios to see what it thinks it should be.
    If you change the speed of the memory it may cause problems or crashing.
  2. hmmmm. it is 800mhz. Alright Ill buy it and give it a shot although the idea of possible failure makes me uncomfortable. alright so say it succeeds and I can FLASH my BIOS so when I boot up with my new vishera chip will the system up the spped of the memory back up to 1600mhz?
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