How much power do I need?

hey guys, im really new to this,
but i would like to know, with the specs below, what power supply should i get, thanks. :na:
also, can help me check if this mod actually works well together? many thanks! :D

processor: intel core i5-3450
motherboard: gigabyte z77-d3h
RAM: Kingston PC 10600/1333Mhz
Graphics Card: Gigabyte Nvdia GTX 650 2G
Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM SATA3
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  1. 500-550w would be more than enough. :)
  2. as excella1221 already said 500w would be good but 550w would be able to handle almost any upgrades
  3. thanks alot for your replies!
  4. (Some unsolicited advice:)

    Save yourself a few bucks by getting an h77 chipset motherboard. You only need z77 if you're overclocking, and your processor can't do that.

    Use that money to buy yourself 1600MHz ram instead of 1333 - it's the sweet spot for Intel rigs.

    And here's a third vote for the 500w PSU.
  5. If you're not ever planning to put a high-end GPU in there then I'd suggest the entry-level Corsair Builder Series model:
    It's $20 shipped after rebates and still provides nearly twice the power that system needs to run.
  6. @DarkSable, oops, i didnt really know the difference in the chipsets until you brought it up, thanks!
    @cuecuemore, hmmm, thanks, i'll reconsider ;)
  7. what if i change the motherboard to ASUS P8H77-M PRO, is it more suitable for this build? since i dont need OC for my desktop?
  8. Stick with the ASRock.
    ASUS is known to have expensive boards while having less features than the cheaper ones from other brands.

    Also, that's a microATX. I won't really suggest going micro unless you really have to since it has less expansion slots and room.
  9. @excella1221, ASROCK H77 PRO4/MVP? how about this board?
  10. Yeah, I believe that's the best H77 board you can get.
  11. @excella1221, then what graphics card and hard disk would you recommend me to get?
  12. Best answer
    What's your budget for a video card?

    As for the HDD, Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200 RPM would be good; a Caviar Black could be gotten if you wanted a 5-year warranty.
  13. my budget would be around $150
  14. oh thanks man, you are a great help today, you save my wallet! :D
  15. beaugold said:
    oh thanks man, you are a great help today, you save my wallet! :D

    uhh that's a women but i think she get's what you mean
  16. ^Thank you for correcting him. :)
    And yeah, I do get it! :lol:
  17. oops, sorry D:
  18. Best answer selected by beaugold.
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