Computer Keeps Locking up

I'm sorry if i put this Thread in the wrong section i'm kinda new.

Ok so I just built my computer about a week or so ago and i have been having these problems. This all started when I showed my friends the inside of my case i would turn the power completely off and open the back. I and they never touched the inside of the case or the parts.

When i browse the internet and sometimes other things the computer just stops working. the mouse can move(well sometimes) and the sound repeats over and over like a stuck record(sometimes this does not happen). The only way to fix this is to either press the reset button on my case or to cut power completely off.

During this I can not do the Ctrl-Alt-Del, it does nothing. The first time this happened I was trying to watch a Youtube video. Here are my Specs.

Psu- Corsair 850W Enthusiast series
Cpu- Fx-8120 3.1 ghz
Gpu- AMD HD radeon 6850
Motherboard- Ga-970A-Ud3(my RAM is not located on the color closest to the CPU the second color so []-cpu ||||-Ram slots ||-Mine||-Mine)
RAM- G.Skill 8GB Value series DDR3 1333
Case- HAF 912
Memory- Wester Digital Caviar Black 1TB
(if there is any other specs you need I should know them)

The average heat of my system is about 40-60
I have not changed any settings in the BIOS
I have updated all my drivers or at least that's what windows driver update says.

also these lockups happen sometimes after about an hour of the computer being on and others about a day or two. I've tested my ram with memtest and have run burnin test to have a completely no error come up.

please help i'm about to burn this computer or bring it into to Geeksquad and i'm not looking forward to paying 100 dollars to hear that i forgot to update something. Thank you for your time and if you have any idea as to how to fix this issue please say it.
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  1. Is this a new build; i.e. one that hasn't had time to accumulate resource wasting crap and registry errors? If you've had it for sometime, you may want to run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. Is your CPU temp within normal range?
  2. try to update your bios to the latest version(F6) here
    maybe one of your friends touched something,try to push ram and graphics card a little bit
  3. This is a very newely built pc(about 4 days) and I have not upgraded my BIOS because I really dont know how :P I will download the latest bios that you sent me thank you. do you have any suggestions or possible reasons this could be happening, i have made sure everything is in place. thank you for your replies i appreciate it!
  4. also whick BIOS should i download f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6?
  5. F6 is the latest one
  6. I doubt the BIOS version is the issue if your board has at least the F3 version:
    Flashing the BIOS can be problematic if it's not needed and you aren't familiar with doing it. Especially if your system would happen to lock up in the middle of a flash.
  7. this gigabyte mother board have dual bios so it wont be risky ,and gigabyte provide @BIOS which it allows to update the system BIOS while in the Windows environment.
    i am sure this tool he can find it in the motherboard disk or he can download it here
  8. Ok so i download f6 and extracted the file I then went into the bios menu and did the Q-Flash I updated off a version on my hdd I think it was the one i extracted(which other) and im back up... any other ideas just so I can make sure? or to check if im atcually updated cerrectly?
  9. the first black screen after you turn on your PC will show you your bios version
  10. the screen passes in a split second do you know of any other way to find out?
  11. you can press (pause break ) to stop the screen ,you can find it at the top of the screen like this picture
  12. would space stop the screen?
  13. no its (pause break) at the right top of the key board
  14. Ok i got it to pause and it says f6 so I guess that im up to date on BIOS
  15. clutch do you think there is any other reason for my problems. I feel like updating the Bios will definitely help me but I cant be sure.
  16. Thank you for helping me so far oxfords
  17. you are welcome
  18. So i guess my computer might be working correctly, if you think that there could be another thing causing the problem then please post it I will end this thread as solved in a week if I have no more lock ups, I was meaning to update the BIOS anyways i just couldn't find the download so thank you for that and ill hopefully have fortunate days ahead :P Thank you all again for taking time to help me.
  19. you are welcome
    if you have any more lock ups try to download the latest drivers and check your CPU temperature it mustn't exceed 70c and if it still locks up try to reinstall windows
    as soon as i get your post ill reply
  20. ok thank you, I will post as soon as i get a problem
  21. any time my friend
  22. ok *** sometimes when i try to start my computer after putting it to sleep the screen stays blank so i have to pull the plug. when i start it back up i get windows has failed to load last sitting and I try again and then it works. please if you have any ideas, this is really frustrating the computer is a few days old it should not be having this many ******* problems!
  23. correction with the sitting thing it's session
  24. It sounds like the system was waking and loading windows back off the HDD when you unplugged it. That would be the reason for the error message. Are you giving the system time to 'wake' back up? How is your monitor connected to the HD 6850? HDMI or DVI?
  25. hdmi
  26. i dont know why exactly ,but some PCs take very long time to( wake)back up,so i advise you to use hibernating or shut down the pc
    try to instal latest graphicscard drivers it may help, here windows 7 32 bit
    windows 7 64bit drivers
  27. Thank you I already have the newest version. Sometimes it's fast and other times it's slow. I think im just going to turn it off from now on. But any idea on why it differs?
  28. oh and now lockups so far
  29. PanicMaster85 said:

    Are you using a monitor or a HDTV?
  30. You might try the DVI to DVI connection and see if the wake up problem is possibly eliminated. (Unless you are relying on the monitor's speakers) Both DVI and HDMI are the same digital signal, but the DVI bypasses some of the HDMI components.
  31. yeah im using a hdmi to dvi cable it works nicely and i use a 3.5 mm cable to go from the back of the mobo to the monitor
  32. try to reinstall windows and if your PC still lockups,i think so it could be the mother.
    sometimes motherboard problem cause lockups.
  33. PanicMaster85 said:
    yeah im using a hdmi to dvi cable it works nicely and i use a 3.5 mm cable to go from the back of the mobo to the monitor

    Do you have a cable with the DVI connector on both ends so you can connect to the monitor that way? Try it out and see if the monitor wakes up better.
  34. yeah i do ill try that but it's off and on so i don't know if I can test it right away
  35. Was this ever solved I am not experiencing lock ups if you could check out my post that would be helpful.
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