I need guidance on a new homebuild PC

Hi everyone!

Right so my old machine has finally died due to the crappy components I was sold at a local PC shop, and I've decided to never go back. In fact most PC shops where I live are full of con artists selling crap equipment that always has problems,

So, I've decided on a new build, but it seems mobos, CPUs, GPUs and the rest have come along way and I dont want to venture off buying bits without some guidance.

I need a powerful PC capable of serious multi-tasking on Windows 7 64 Bit, I dont really play games but Id like the option to.

I've got about £700-£800 but may push further.

I was thinking of the following setup:

Intel i7 3820 3.6ghz Ivybridge CPU
Asus P9X79 Motherboard
Kingston HyperX Ram 16gb
OCZ Vertex 4 128gb SSD

That's all I have so far, I stopped because of my concerns of hardware compatibility, or buying things that dont fit/work.

I would like to ideally run the operating system from the SSD drive for maximum performance. I need at least 8gb Ram and need to use things like Photoshop CS5.

Can someone put me together a list for a new build so I can take it to go and buy the parts?

I need a top of the range mobo, a very good CPU, high quality Ram, an SSD drive, an excellent graphics card and a power supply that wont struggle, Im guessing an Antec PSU of about 750w to 1000w?

Also, should I buy an additional SSD drive for storage, or is there a new high speed SATA where I can get amazing data transfer rates?

I literally want to be able to buy the bits, put it all together and get it booted up without the hassle of having brought the wrong parts, or getting BSOD errors from incompatible hardware.

If someone could help Id be very greatful, Id like something that is going to be able to cope with heavy multi tasking, video editing, graphics etc.

I'm in the UK, so Ill probably order the parts from eBay, but a list of items to complete the build would go down a treat :)

Thank you
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  1. Everything there is compatible. 1 kilowatt is way too much. Get 600-700W, more than enough. Get a 128GB Crucial M4 or Samsung 830(Newegg links for reference).



    A GTX 670 or HD 7870 will be very good.
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