When Should I Get A New PC?

I have the AMD FX 8120 which I really like over most CPUs but I wan't to go 3D with good frame rates, so I'm not sure what I should do. The thing is I might need a better CPU (Intel 6 Core), which needs a new MOBO and other things so I'm gona go with a new computer. I currently have a 1GB 6870, I wan't to get a NVIDIA card because HD3D is very limited on what monitors you can use. Should I wait for something like haswell, later or now?
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  1. Cheapest Intel hexa-core, I believe, is the i7-3820. X79 motherboards are generally expensive so you're gonna be spending a lot just for 3D.

    I believe it's mostly 3D games are GPU-reliant anyway, so the FX-8120 should do fine. But then again, Bulldozer is known to have issues with single-threaded stuff and games in general.
  2. That's more on the GPU side.
  3. what you need is a good nvidia GPU such as the GTX670. 3D vision is loads better than HD3D and more games support it too. You don't need a new CPU right now only a better GPU.

    3D Vision will work on most 3D monitors without any problems
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