Use my Phone line for my network??


We moved into a newly build home and i wanted cat5 put in but the builder refused. Anywhow we don't use the phone jacks in the house and i noticed 2 of the 6 cables are used. I know cat5 is 8 wires but what type of wiring do i have?

These are the colors of the wires i see and can i use this for my home network?

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  1. It's 3 twisted pair. However someone else may want to confirm this, but I think if you punch it down correctly you could get 100Base-TX speeds out of the 3 pairs. See the Wiki on 100BASE-TX. So it might work... But Cat5e or Cat6 would have been better. So you could have a gigabit network. I think it should be required in all new construction these days.
  2. Thanks, would that be enough for stream HD content? don't think so.

    yeah i know but they refused not much i could have done :(.

    I'm thinking just going to run the cables up the cold air return from the basement to the attic and just drop them down.
  3. Depending on how the construction is, that might be the best way. I ran a few around the current home I'm in. I picked up one of the reel type fish tapes. 50 foot was good for me but never ended up using more than 15 to 20 feet for the runs I had to do.
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