What is the best gaming graphics card for asus p5kpl-vm (intel g31 chipset)?

can anyone suggest me the best hardcore gaming graphics card within 6000tk...
for motherboard asus 5pkpl-vm with intel G31 chipset & processor core to duo 2.2
previously i used nvidia geforce 8600 GT DDR3 512 mb
one of my friend suggesting me Nvidia GEFORCE GT520 DDR3 2GB... but i dont think thats a good gaming graphics card as far as i read the reviews on net...
I want to upgrade my graphics card.
Your any suggestion is highly appreciated..
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  1. Can you give me the brand and watts of your PSU? I need that to see what size card we can up grade you too. Depending on the PSU if it is big enough you could go with a 6770 or a GTS 450.

    So get back to us and we will go from there.
  2. Don't use GT 520, it sucks haha

    Please give us details about your currency what is 6000 tk?

    Also give us details about PSU
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