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Hello all I've searching and searching to try and find a computer case that would have enough room to fit a normal ATX mobo and 2 Asus 660ti graphics cards. I'm looking to spend a maximum for £40 on the case but the cheaper the better. I've found some cases but I'm not entirely sure what to look for to be able to tell if it would have enough room for 2 660ti's. Now I am willing to go over the £40 limit if its just not possible.

Here are the cases I'm currently looking at


Just like to say thanks in advance for everyone's help.
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  1. http://www.cclonline.com/product/79782/CCC-AE37BS-U02/Cases/Xigmatek-Asgard-Pro-Gaming-Case/CAS0584/

    Bottom mount PSU

    Some cable management

    Tool free

    Plenty of Drive space

    USB 3.0

    etc etc


    It has good options for fans to get a good cooling setup going (but not many fans included you would need to buy some more)
  2. Thanks for the replies so a computer with these sizes should fit 2 gpus ok? or would it be more case specific? those cases are good but I was hoping for something a little more attractive than a black block.

    Width 20.0 cm
    Depth 47.0 cm
    Height 44.5 cm
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