What GHz do you need to play latest games

i am currently looking to buy a new PC itha AMD quad pocessor it runs the speed of 3.80 GHz , i was wondering if thats enough to play the latest games such as MW3 cod or crysis 2?
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  1. The frequency doesn't matter so much as the processor itself.
    An FX-4100 running at stock 3.6Ghz is far inferior to a 3570k running at its stock 3.4Ghz for example, despite the lower frequency.

    I am guessing you are looking at an FX-4300?
  2. As stated above, its no longer about MHZ frequency but out of the chip itself.

    The price point usually reflect perfectly how it will perform.

    You have to keep in mind that playing game is not just CPU. the Graphic card is an even bigger factor.

    For an average gamer, an Intel Core I3 or an AMD FX Chip will do a fair job if paired with something like an AMD Radeon 6750 or better or an Nvidia Geforce 550Ti or better.


    AMD Graphic cards

    First digit indicates the generation. 7000 being the newest cards.


    Second digit indicates the "performance level"
    So a 6670 is slower than a 5770 for example.

    The third digit will indicate lower end or higher end of that specific range.
    So a 6750 is slower than a 6770 but the 6770 is slower than a 6850...

    It's rather similar for nvidia cards.

    Refer to this to have an idea where videocards stand
  3. Yeah, GHz don't matter much anymore. It mainly about how many instructions the CPU can execute every clock cycle (IPC). Intel CPUs can execute more IPCs than AMD CPUs so a 3.2GHz Intel CPU would be just as fast (or slightly faster) than a 3.8GHz AMD CPU.
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