Best way to connect roof antenna to laptop?

wifi roof antenna? to 50ft Ethernet cable? to wifi laptop. What goes between each and is this the best way to bring signal 50ft?
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  1. Note: I do have a D-link 10/100 switch with 8 ports, in case that can help.
  2. what are you trying to accomplish?
  3. Thank's for asking,
    Wifi signal from antenna, 20' to 50', to Wifi laptop, or desktop with Wifi card. I have read that Ethernet can carry signal up to 300 ft without signal reduction.

    Strongest signal is my OBJECTIVE.

    I am not sure of the best way to link the dish antenna to the Enet cable, then link the Enet cable to the laptop Wifi. As I said I do have one D-link switch.
    The Enet cable would go right into each Computer, but how would signal be sent to the Wifi card? If there is a better way to get the signal to the computers please tell me.
  4. have you thought about using a wireless router like the ASUS RT-N12?
  5. No, I have not. Would this ASUS RT-N12 be a more efficient and lower cost way of getting the signal from the biquad dish on the roof, down to the Ethernet in the house? Than simply running a Enet cable from the roof to one of the computers in the network?
    ( If that is even possible )
    How would I link the antenna to the ASUS RT-N12 router then.
    I am trying to reach my local library hot spot about a mile away, or three other hot spots not much farther.
    I have very little experience with this, but am looking for alternative options to compare.
    I may not be asking the right questions. What type of connector goes on the antenna?
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