Are these decent PSUs

Buying a XFX R7870 (o/c version i believe) and i need a new PSU to power it. Minimum 500W for the card.

h77m micro
8gb ddr3-1600
1TB seagate HDD
few pc fans
and an old disk drive

I found these two on sale both 80+ certified and was wondering if this would be sufficient enough?
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  1. Neither of them are great. I wouldn't skimp on the PSU as its one of the most important components that protects the rest of your system.

    Rosewill are a bit hit and miss and I have never known antec to do great PSU but haven't have much experience with them.

    Try corsair for seasonic if you can afford them.
  2. What PSU do you have now?
    You only need a high quality PSU, it doesn't have to be 500W minimum. XFX/AMD gives a recommendation of 500W to account for people using very power hungry systems. Your CPU is not power hungry at all, being a 55W TDP part.
    Also they have to account for people using poor quality PSUs, which can't deliver what they claim or have bad voltage regulation.

    The Corsair CX600 (80 Plus Bronze V3) hasn't been reviewed yet. Until it is I can't see how anyone can recommend it.

    The 630W version of the Rosewill Green Series was positively reviewed at Hardware Secrets:
    The 530W version uses the same design as the 630W, so it will be similar. So it is not a bad option.

    The Antec Neo Eco 520C is based on the Seasonic S12II Bronze design, but with cheaper components. It is also, not a bad option.

    I think the fact that the Rosewill is cheaper before rebate would sway my decision between the two.

    If you are willing to spend ~$60 then this is your best option:
    Rosewill Capstone-450M ($60 @ Newegg)
    You get a unit which has independent voltage regulation, modularity, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, better ripple and noise suppression and very quiet. It is more than enough for your system.

    If you won't accept that this is a good second best:
    Rosewill Hive-650 ($65 @ Newegg)
    Again independently regulated, modular, quiet.
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