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Help me choose my Power Supply.

Here is my Specs.
intel G630
Sapphirre HD 7770
asus H61 - MLX
2 internal HDD

Im looking for a power supply that can power up those in full load and for my future upgrades like i5 3570k, and gtx 670 or Radeon HD 7970. But i'm quite confused what to choose from this power supplies because i searched about them and they got good reviews. Also this is based from my budget which is around $50 and the availability in the stores. I prefer cheaper but reliable that will last for at least 3-5 yrs. I arranged them based on their prices. lowest to highest.

FSP Hexa Series 500w 80Plus
Antec 550watts Basiq VP550P
Thermaltake Smart 530w
Corsair CX 500watts (CX500)
Silverstone 500w ST50F
Seasonic 520w S12II
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  1. The best one I think is the corsair however it is only the builders series. Seasonics cheaper power supplies tend to be quite good also, however I don't know about this specific model. Either of those psu's should be fine for your pc and should last you
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    Seasonic 520w S12II will do i don't know about the others sorry.
  3. okay thank you. any other more feedback? :D
  4. if your budget stretches to a 600w psu from corsair that would leave plenty of room for overclocking an i5 and gtx 670 without stressing the psu too much.
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