Lga 775 to lga 1155 adapter

Hello, i HAVE A Lga775 msi motherboard which failed. I want to buy a LGA1155 motherboard and mount the processor on this - where can i get an adapter for this processor - core2duo
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  1. I believe there is not such thing as a processor adapter. Mean, you can not place a LGA 775 compatible processor into a LGA 1155 motherboard.

    If you want to buy a LGA 1155 motherboard, then you need a processor compatible with this socket.
  2. Uh, Agreed with Jemm, far to many things to consider when even looking at this idea from across the room. We have progressed to far in multiple ways that even if you could magically fit a 775 proc onto an 1155 board you would need older chipsets/controllers/power delivery. You would basically need two sets of everything on a board, and if you were to magically get those things on a board and it magically worked it would still defeat the purpose. You certainly wouldn't get any of the newer features of the 1155 socket.

    TL;DR. Nope, no such thing.
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