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Will phenom x6 1055t bottleneck gtx580 or ati7950?

Hi i am looking to buy a new video card and i decided its gtx580 or ati7950 but i was wondering will my 1055t bottleneck either of them, if so will it be huge or not so much and if it is huge what about 7870. Please help me out and thank you!
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  1. Yes, that CPU will bottleneck all of those cards, but not enough to be detrimental.
  2. Thanks for answer. Witch would you recommend i get 580/7950/7870 and will any of them pull off Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 on ultra with 1055t oc 3.5ghz
  3. most of the chocie is 7870 this one is better for your cpu not go higher cause those cards will break your gaming experience...
  4. The higher the resolution, the less likely that CPU will be the bottleneck. I'd shoot for a 670 if you can snag one, otherwise the 7870 as Xtreme5 said.
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    Agreed, I would go for a 670, your CPU will bottleneck it, but at $400 you can't beat it, and in the future when / if you upgrade your CPU you will be set.

    And as Sinister said, the higher res you go, the less bottleneck you will get. All of those cards will play BF3 and Crysis2 perfectly
  6. higher res may be pop up problem for the OP. Do you know how many inch moniter OP does have ??
  7. Size of monitor doesn't matter, a 19" at 1920 x 1080, will perfor exactly the same as a 30" at 1920 x 1080.
  8. Yes, but I think he means that a bigger monitor will have a higher native resolution.
  9. Depends on the game and setting but I'd say in general, yes your CPU would bottleneck such a card even if you OC to 4.0Ghz. I say get a good CPU cooler, OC your CPU as much as you can, and go for it. If you only plan to stick with a single monitor at 1080p though I say save a bit of money and go with a 7870 instead. By the time a single 7870 isn't enough you should be looking to upgrade the rest of your system anyway ^_^.
  10. Just so you know if it was me I'd just get the 7950, or even the 7970, but I'm not exactly a reasonable guy :p. You may want to wait a bit to see if the 670 pushes down prices any, but it probably won't be by too much simply because it will probably be impossible to get one in the US if the 680 is anything to go by.
  11. What they seem to be trying to say is @1920x1080 or above, your cpu is fine for any of those cards.

    That having been said, single cards over $300 are a poor investment, imo. They don't get you much more than the bragging rights of having the card. a SLI or xfire solution of cards a couple steps down from the 580, etc. will give you better performance for the same price.

    Even if you motherboard doesn't support SLI/xfire, I'd still recommend a single card in the $250 range at most (7850, or 480 if physx is worth the power consumption to you), and save the extra money or use it for something else.

    The 3x6770's ($330 total) I use perform on par with a 7970 in most cases. The only noticeable differences come with massive texture loads that need more than 1gb RAM, but that happens very rarely at 1920x1080. I turn off xfire whenever I'm not gaming to save on power.
  12. Thank you for your help guys. I game at 1920x1080 on 27inch. Never thought about 670 but now i think i will go with it after looking at some benchmarks it seems to outperform 7870/7950 so tnx for putting me on the right path. About crossfire i will never ever go with it again had 2 6850s and in some games cf is great but most in my case did not support it(witch is why i am looking for a new single card) + all the driver issues so no thank you to cf and my motherboard does not support SLI, but i appreciate the advice.
  13. Yeah, the 670 is pretty awesome right now.
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  15. but if you run at a resolution like 1600x900 how it works the phenom ii x6 1055t with a 7970 ??? Can you go above 60 fps in serious sam 3 bfe ?
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