Re-applying thermal paste to CPU

I have recently been trying to upgrade my motherboard and CPU.

The CPU cooling fan came with some thermal paste but after the initial connection of the CPU and fan to the motherboard I had to take it off and am waiting for a replacement motherboard.

When i connect the CPU again, will i need to re-apply thermal paste to the CPU or can i get away with what is currently on there?

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  1. You need to clean up what was there and re-apply new thermal paste ideally. Also clean the heatsink base or your temps will end up being much higher than originally.
  2. Reusing existing paste can work but is more touchy and messier than using fresh clean paste. If you are using an Intel CPU with stock HSF, trying to reuse Intel's clay-like paste might prevent you from setting the push-pins correctly.
  3. The CPU is an Intel 3570.
    What would be the best way to apply thermal paste as i have not done this before myself.
    I have seen videos where some apply it as a small blob and others apply a thin line in the centre.
  4. An Intel i5 3570 - 3rd Gen
  5. Get some artic silver paste and apply it in a vertical line down the chip.
  6. What would be the difference between the silver and the gold paste?
    Would the gold paste not be advisable?
  7. Yes, in your case, you'll need to reapply your thermal paste..

    there's best way to apply thermal paste and information about best thermal paste that you can get..
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