We can mount dell cpu in horizontal way

I am hardware engineer,designing panels and all.We designed a console were DELL CPU(TS3500 series) are mounting.If any problem if we keep CPU in horizontal way(normaly we will keep vertical ways).Because we have to give a confirmation to our customer that its not effect on hardware.Please help me in this matter.If you people have any documents which proves it can be mountable please send me the same.
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  1. Apart from tray-loading optical drives and fluid-dynamic bearings in HDDs, everything else in PCs can be mounted in any orientation.

    Optical drives is only because CDs would fall off the tray in any other orientation than horizontal unless the tray has locking 'arms' to prevent that. FDBs need to stay horizontal and upside-up for optimal longevity since any other orientation could cause the bearing to lose lubrication prematurely.

    Fans generally do not care what direction they are facing and the rest has no moving parts.
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