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Hi all

I have many xp machines to put onto our 100 user network and I have them up to sp3, I dont want them all to start downloading all their updates and taxing our internet link. Ive considered wsus but we only have a dc here at work and i seen that wsus being installed onto a dc is a world of hurt in terms of errors etc. and it is recomended not to do this.

Id like to simply get all of the microsoft updates for windows xp and store them at a location that i can pont my xp clients too. Ive tried wsus offline but it is plauged with error messages and is not playing ball with me.

I cant help thinking that this shold be a straight forward operation yet I cant find any solutions online so does any one know roughly how to go about this??

thanks for reading

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  1. do you have a monthly limit to your bandwidth that your computer cannot download the updates over night?
  2. No nothing like that, I basically want to update my clients without having to do this over the internet every single time.

    I dont se any options other than wsus to do this so wondering if you or anyone has found a working solution as many of the programs i have tried do not do what they say on the tin.

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