Need help with a new $700 gaming pc

Approximate Purchase Date: probably this week
Budget Range: $600-700 preferably
System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, movies, browsing
Parts Not Required: OS, monitor
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: no preference
Country: US, Stockton CA
Parts Preferences: none
Overclocking: maybe
SLI or Crossfire: maybe
Monitor Resolution: Depends on the monitor*
Additional Comments: Goal of the build is to play D3/BF3/AC3. I'll try at a low resolution if its really unpleasant I'll get a new monitor. This is the system I put together without a single clue as to what I'm doing and I have no idea if it will even work, I would also love to cut the end tag as much as possible.

*Right now I have my old PC's monitor which has a puny resolution of 1360 x 768 which is the "recommended" but I haven't been able to find a "maximum" resolution. I'll probably end up end getting a new one later.
This is my current monitor;

Advice, suggestions, tips appreciated as well as anything else I should know since this is my first build I welcome as much insight as I can get.
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  1. 1: agility 3 sucks. high failure rates.
    2: modxstream also sucks. high failure rates and loud
    3:hyperx memory is bad for intel boards. higher than recommended voltage of 1.5v
    get this

    should be getting at least near max settings at that kind of resolution
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