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I have AsRock 970 Extreme3 mobo and Phenom II x4 965
I am currently using stock cooler since I'm lacking of thermal paste and stock one had a layer on it.
and owning ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED from prevoius build. I'm sure this one is better than stock but is this enough when working on full capacity?
Also, could anyone reccomend appropriate PC diagnostics software best compatible with this mobo and cpu
Many Thanks =)
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  1. Just buy some paste and slap that Zalman on there (it's much better than stock) and call it a day.

    As far as diagnostics go get CPU Z, GPU Z, and HWMonitor.
  2. from my own experience the stock cooler isn't very good as temperatures are very high with out overclocking
  3. While the Zalman would be the better choice, people don't give the large AMD stock cooler that comes with the PhIIX4s enough credit. The cooler has 4 heat pipes, a copper base, and decent TIM. Granted it is a bit noisier than one would like, but it does a more than adequate job cooling the 125W Phenom IIs. The last PhIIx4 956BE I had was easily able to reach 3.8GHZ with just the stock cooler/TIM on extended runs of Prime95. The temps never reached above 58C as recorded by Core Temp. I'm sure I could have taken the CPU speed even higher and still stay below the 65C threshold. But a well ventilated case is a must.
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