Overheating - CPU fan problem

Hello Community!

I have a laptop issue, modell: Asus N61JV, computer specs:
Intel Core i5-450M, 2x2.4 GHz
nVidia Geforce GT 325M, 1 GB

I've had this laptop for about two years now and it's been running magnificent. Until about a week ago. I use this laptop for gaming purposes a lot and I've never had any issues. It manages Battlefield 3 on medium graphics, Skyrim on high and Dishonored on maximum.

But about a week ago when I was playing I Am Alive, on just medium graphics, the computer shut down on its own, I got bluescreen and what not. I figured it overheated so I cleaned the air intake to the CPU fan and I also opened the keyboard up and blew around with compressed air. I figured it would get better when in fact it only got worse.

Now, when I start my computer, according to Core Temp it says the CPU temperature is about 55-60 degrees celcius while idle. After about 5 minutes, while still idle, the temperature reaches about 70. But the strangest thing is that the CPU fan starts spinning irregurarly. Sometimes when I boot my laptop it doesnt start to spin and is totally still until the CPU reaches max temperature and automatically shuts the computer down. Sometimes it starts spinning while booting up or while idle. And another thing I've noticed, the fan only spins at one pace, when it actually does spin. Regardless if I'm playing games, watching movies or browsing the web, the fan spins at the same low pace. I've noticed this because I've been using the computer with the keyboard dismounted. The most common CPU temperature readings I've noticed are about 70 degrees while browsing the web, 90 degrees while skyping or watching movies and a computer shutdown about five minutes into any game I've tried playing. According to Core Temp, CPU maximum temperature is 105 degrees celcius.

I've dismounted the fan to check if there is dust crampled up to look like a filter at the fans air intake, there wasn't. Now I'm out of ideas. I've thought of the thermal paste covering the CPU cores, maybe it's bad and should be replaced. Or maybe it's a hardware problem with the fan or maybe even a software problem. Maybe the fan doesn't register the temperature readings and maybe that is why it only starts to spin at times and at a low pace. Either way, I have no idea what might have caused these problems.

Any insight regarding what the problem might be would be very appriciated and hopefully you guys are willing to help!

Thank you
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  1. It is most likely the fan. When fans are in heavy use they tend to seize up, or just straight up burn out. Try lubricating it a bit and see if that can get it spinning, if not, try and hook up another fan in the same wiring, if it spins at all and changes speeds that are directly proportional to your heat then it was the original fan, if it does not spin at all then you have a fan controller issue, and I have no idea how to fix that, you would probably need to send it back.
  2. First check to make sure that the fan hasnt become un seated by reaching in and trying to pull each of the twist clips straight up. If you can pull any of them this is the cause for your temperatures. Get some new thermal paste and reseat it. I used about half of a pea as the amount of thermal paste and then use a credit card or another card like that to spread the paste evenly around the top of the cpu.

    I also find that HWMonitor generally give me better temperatures. So you try it.
  3. Thank you for the info scorpinock!

    I dont have any extra fans lying around so testing it out is not a possibility. I will however try to put on some motoroil on the fan to see if it'll get any better.. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to order a new fan and try to replace it. If that doesnt work, then well, buying a new computer it is! :)

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