do I FDisk or not?

I d/l a lot of SHNs from gigs n put them on cd <b>for personal use!</b>...then ditch the files. I've been havin to defrag my HD every 2 weeks coz my drivespace was all over the shop after I got rid of the files.So ..what I want to do ,I think,is put a partition in my HD ,keep my large audio files in the partition ;then that keeps all the other space cool right? <b> 2 Quetions!
1)If this is true ,how do I do it?
2)Will any bad JooJoo happen to my machine?</b>

All help totally rawks
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  1. I must say, you must watch out for JooJoo... otherwise rawk on dud! Can you pass some of that SHN this way?


    (Maybe I'm the idiot [shrug] I dunno) [thinks to self, "now, was it necessary to responde this way? No..."]
  2. Here's what you need, dude.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Partition Magic 7.0</A>

    Didn't see nothing about JooJoo in the troubleshooting section. But I'd recommend thoroughly familiarizing your bad self with the program functions before creating a new partition or you'll be hollering about losing all sorts of SHNs and stuff, and that might disturb your neighbors. :wink:


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  3. Cheers for that , man. I coulda bean in some nasty [-peep-]. I need to get hold of an expert , check this [-peep-] out.

    once again ,cheers
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