Building a Gaming Rig Intel Around $1000-$1500.Will this rig assemble?

Hello. I am currently trying to build or have me built a new gaming PC that will fit around my budget of $1000-$1500. I would prefer if my Rig would be closer to $1000 if possible. Currently I have set up a Rig that will be around $1100 but I do not know if it will fit together nicely. Since it will be a gaming PC I spent more money on the motherboard, Processor and graphics card.
Currently I am looking at a computer like this.

Motherboard: Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX - BOXDZ77RE-75K
For $300 off amazon

Processor : Intel Core i7 3770K processor 3.5 4 LGA 1155 BX80637I73770K
For $350 off

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 480
For $210 off newegg

Note:This graphics card isn't the best one I looked at, but it looked as the best most affordable one that I could buy with my budget.

Memory Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM Dual Channel Memory Kit CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B
For $90 off amazon.

Note: It was recommended off amazon along with the purchase of the processor.

Optical Drive:Asus 24xDVD-RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive DRW-24B1ST
For $23 off amazon.

Note:Again, my budget was cutting pretty close so I decided to get a dirt cheap OEM Drive.

Operating System Windows 7 Professional
For $85 off Trinitysoftware
Standard Operating system I suppose.

Cooling system and Case Cooler Master Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower ATX Case with Window
For $42

Note: I do not know if this will be a powerful enough cooling system for my computer but I hope it will be.

Totals. $803.08$210$85
Total: $1098.08

ConclusionI would assume that since I have no experience in assembling a computer, that I will hire a professional to overtake the assembly of this rig and so I have left a generous estimate in that the assembly of this Rig will cost around $200 if not $300 in which will make my total around $1400 or $1500 range.

Again I am not sure if the assembly of this Rig is even possible and in so am asking for the advice of the people. I know that this is my first post and I hope that I will find the answers that I need to either find a better and more affordable Rig or if this rig myself is possible. I thank you for your time for reading this post.

Advice will always be warmly received and I hope that I did not waste too much of your time.
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  1. This build will be better:
    i5 3570k - Hyperthreading is not usable in gaming and hence i7's are not necessary
    Asrock z77 Extreme 4
    Mushkin Blackline 8 Gb
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    Mushkin Chronos 60 Gb
    WD Caviar Blue 500 Gb
    Gigabyte GTX 670
    XFX Core Edition Pro 750W
    Cooler Master Haf 912
    Windows Home Premium 64 bit

    This should cost around $1300. You get the ability to overclock, SLI and one of the best GPU around at the moment. Professional installation should not cost $200. $100 should be a lot closer. I would save that money though and learn to do it myself. Honestly, it is very easy. Go to this link

    Its Part 1 of a 3 part series about how to build a PC. Watch all of them and see how simple. Hopefully that will boost your confidence towards building it independently.
  2. Thank you for a quick reply, i have done the calculations for this rig that you recommended and it comes out as $1268 off purely again what is the advantage of getting the Mushkin Blackline 8 Gb rather than the
    Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM Dual Channel Memory Kit that i had in mind. It cost $30 more and gives me double the memory.
  3. 8 Gb is the perfect spot for price and performance in terms of gaming. Anything more than that and there will be no performance gains.

    There is really not much difference between brand names. As long as they are known to be reliable, then the cheapest buy is the best. If you really like Corsair, check out their low profile RAM. The Vengeance's tall heat spreaders may interfere with the installation of the CPU cooler. Other brands that I trust as well include Crucial and G-Skill.
  4. Welcome to the forums!

    I would go with l0v3rboi's build. No one needs a 3770K for gaming at all. Also, the youtube series that he posted made by Newegg is very very informative and easy to follow.

    Your build will be awesome.
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