kingstom, crucial, or corsair?

I am building a pc and i want to get the best ram for it. This is my system:

AMD Athlon 1.2 or 1.33ghz cpu (still haven't decided)
ASUS A7M266 mobo
30 gig UTMA/100 7200 rpm hard drive (haven't picked one out yet)
pc2100 ddr ram

Would corsair, crucial, or kingston ram be best for my system?
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  1. If you're getting PC2100 (which you said you are), then Crucial is definitely the best. The good thing about Corsair is that they have PC2400. Nobody else does.

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  2. does my motherboard (ASUS A7M266) support pc2400? i thought i remembered reading somewhere that it supports up to pc2100 only, but if anything supports higher this probably does.
  3. course it will support pc2400
    typically you will be running it slower (pc2100)
    the faster ram becomes very useful when you start overclocking and pushing the FSB. having ram that can reach 150 (300Mhz ddr) removes one possible problem on you way to high FSB speeds.

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