Help psu enought?

Hello im gona build new system in christmas and i have few questions IM new to pc building so please help!

so 1.question is does my PSU is enought and not too big becouse im not gona overclock.SYSTEM SPECS!

CPU:AMD FX 8150 Eight core
MOBO:Asrock 970 extreme 3
RAM:Kingston 4GBx2 ddr3 1333mhz CL9
HDDs:2 western digitals caviar blue 1 tb each 7200 RPM 64mb Buff SATA 3
DVD:CHEAP! Samsung dvd RW 22x sata
GPU:Asus radeon HD7770 1gb gddr5 directcu v2
Case with fans:Aerocool x predator x1 USB 3.0 4 ventilators

PSU:Chieftec 700W smart series 12 cm fan 80+

2.Question does all these components are comptible with each others? becouse im new to PCs
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  1. fx sucks. it makes no sense to get one if you are not overclocking as overclocking covers its performance loss compared to intel chip for the same price. not to mention fx draws a ton of power

    2 hard drives doesnt make much sense.

    will perform a lot better in games and CPU workloads

    if the GPU is too expensive, drop down to a 7850

    the power supply is also junk
  2. Ok but i go with FX-8150 becouse of extreame rendering and lot of gaming i know PSU i think suck so im gona go with corsair 80+ gold some kinda im gona find with modular cables.EDIT! i go with Corsair 750W Full modular 80+ GOLD!
  3. the i5 3450 performs about the same as the fx 8150 in work and about destroys the fx in games and power consumption. bulldozer is a waste of time. get the 8320 if you are still thinking of getting AMD. just remember that intel chips still destroy piledriver in single threaded tasks and games

    no. thats overkill. take what i suggested
  4. I think i go with i7-3820 LGA2011 good choose right? becouse im gona extreamly render videos
  5. So if i go with intel i7 3820 i go with this system:

    CPU:Intel core i7 3820 LGA 2011 3.6 GHZ
    MOBO:MSI X79A-GD45 (8D)
    RAM:Kingston 2x4gb 1600MHZ CL9 HyperX
    HDDs:2 western digitals caviar blue 1 tb each 7200 RPM 64mb Buff SATA 3
    DVD:samsung dvd rw x22
    Graphics:Asus radeon HD7770 1 gb gddr5 directcu v2
    case:Aero cool x predator 1 x USB3.0
    PSU:Corsair 750W, CMPSU-750HXEU, 140mm, 80+ Gold, Cable Mng

    So correct everything thats final i choose this if all correct and psu is not too much?
  6. no. the 3820 is not a great choice. look at a i7 3770k if you really think you need that many threads
  7. yeah but budget too!
  8. the 3820 systems cost more. you dont make much sense

    what is your budget, location, and parts that you need for the build. ill suggest a build
  9. Budget about 900-800$ location Latvia parts anything but so it would be good for hardcore rendering and power gaming
  10. yes so a a i5 3450 or 3330 or a 3470 system would be way better. get whichever i5 is cheaper

    you arent going to get a extreme gaming system or a rendering beast with 900
  11. I choosed my system thanks! pretty powerful and cheap900$ i7
  12. ok then
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