ATI Radeon HD5970 Sounds very loud..

Hi everyone

I have had a decent pc with a ATI Radeon HD5970 2GB GDDR5 that I have had for roughly 18months. On the weekend, I reformatted my pc, and took apart / cleaned my mobo, and case. For the mobo, I just got rid of alot of dust, debri, etc. Also I took the graphics card off my mobo, and most specifically cleaned the graphic card fan.

Ever since I did these few things above, my graphics card sounds like a 747 jet engine anytime I play a video game(BF3) or play any sort of video.

Before I reformatted and cleaned my case/motherboard, the graphics card never sounded like this ever.

Any thoughts? Thanks
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  1. You might want to install something like MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed. AMD fans are notorious for sounding like jet engines (I have one)
  2. Yeah as said above control your fan speeds, if you saw 6990 noise in real world, you will see how noisy it is!!!
  3. 5970's are Jet engines due to how hot they get, nothing new there at all
    normally the default fan profile is way too slow and they heat up a lot
  4. Dont just clean the fan but also get some compressed air to blow out the heatsink as.well.
    Dl msi afterburner to check temps amd also get a custom fan profile to help keep them down more
    Once your.temps are noted then adjust accordingly
    If they stay high beyond reason then maybe a reset with thermal compound is in.order
  5. If it is running too hot, re-apply thermal paste to both of the gpu's on the board. This should lower temps and also lower fan noise, however if it is just the fan speed and not the temperatures set a custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner.
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