Newbie needs help with PSU and extra Hard Drive

I'm new to this field and a new computer my IT Manager just purchased for me is a little underpowered for the Video Editing I will be using it for. After doing extensive research it appears I need to purchase a 2nd Hard Drive, another memory stick and a larger power supply.

I was hoping that if I provide my specs below I could get some input on what the best bang for my buck would be since I'm paying for these components out of my own pocket. I don't want to spend more than $300 total if possible.

I'm also concerned, especially with the PSU and Hard Drive, that they won't fit in my unit because I'm not clear on what models/styles I need to look for.

Thanks and any input is welcome!

HP Compaq 8300 Elite
i7-3770 processor stock
4GB Ram stock
1TB SATA Hard Drive stock
320W power supply - stock

Added two sticks of 4 GB RAM (there are 4 total slots available so I've filled up three of them with 4 GB sticks).
Added a Quadro 2000D Video Card

Want to add a secondary Hard Drive
Want to add a new power supply - thinking in the 500W range
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  1. Mini tower or small form factor? If tower this would be enough PSU and make sure you have a space for the HDD, any modern SATA drive should fit.
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